Ms. Gordana Dostanić (born in 1954 in Sremska Mitrovica) graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1978 with a degree in finance and accounting. In her up to date proffesional skills enhancement she finished courses for obtaining independent accountant and brokerage licenses. She worked in the Drvni Kombinat Sremska Mitrovica, Interna banka Vojvodina and Savezna direkcija za robne rezerve, respectively. As of 1992 she has been working at the Belgrade Stock Exchange, where she first held the position of trading director assistant. By the Board of Directors’ decision on 28 August 2002 she was appointed Managing Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Ms. Dostanić participates in vast proffesional projects on securities operations, as well as symposia with presentations on securities and stock market business. She has published a number of papers, among which are the following: Stock Exchange in the Function of Transition and its Contemporary Organization; Capital Market: Today’s Situation as Grounds for Tommorow’s Expectations; Procedure and Regulation Standardization in Serbian Capital Market Development Strategy; BELEX Trading System Enhancement and Trading Possibilities on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, etc. Furthermore, Ms. Dostanic published a book/textbook titled The Capital Market as one of the first editions in this field. She edited and/or issued numerous publications about stock market operations, among which are: The Belgrade Stock Exchange Edition; Global Capital Market – New Trends in Stock Market Framework; Analysis of Trading by the Single Price Auction Method; Privatization Process and Capital Markets - Hungary, Poland, Checz Republic and Slovenia; Introduction to Corporate Governance; Almanach of Securities;Tendencies on the World Capital Markets in 2005; Portfolio of Securities and Portfolio Management Strategies; Investment Funds and Fund Managers; USA Legislation in Practice - Cases of Manipulation on the Capital Market; and reviewed a number of proffesional books/textbooks.

Ms. Dostanić was a member of several expert task forces for developing stock exchange operations, and took part in various economic and legal gatherings as a key speaker and panelist, both in the country and abroad. She holds the position of a lecturer of the course for receiving brokerage licence at the Belgrade Business School and other faculties mostly of economic, legal or business orientation, upon invitation.

She received many awards, such as The Manager of the Year in Banking and Finance in 2005, given by the jury of the Club of Business Journalists of Serbia, and other prestigious awards assigned to successful businessmen and companies. Ms Dostanić has significantly improved Belgrade Stock Exchange operations, cooperation with partners, contributed to the development of public relations and signed Agreements/Memorandums on cooperation with developed European exchanges. At the same time, the Belgrade Stock Exchange has become a member of international stock exchange associations. In addition, the international conference gained important place among annual gatherings of world wide experts. As a result of overall activities and positive image in the region at the Third Adriatic Business and Investment Summit in mid 2005, organized by the Montenegro Stock Exchange in cooperation with the EBRD, Ms Dostanic received the award on behalf of the Belgrade Stock Exchange as the best performing exchange in the region in 2004. Also, the Belgrade Stock Exchange was awarded for the results accomplished in 2004 by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and a special thanking note was given to the exchange for contribution to the erection of St. Sava Temple.

According to the second annual list of CorD magazine (Magazine of CMA - Consulting & Marketing Agency) Top Ten Women in Business in Serbia, Managing Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Ms. Gordana Dostanic, was selected on the third place for year 2007. The criteria for selecting candidates were profesionalism, academic and technical success, business prowess, potential and competitiveness.

Ms. Gordana Dostanic, was presented a »Business lady – Creative women of the year 2010« award and plaque, by the Club of Economic Journalists.


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